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Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail go into each Countrywide Construction & Design, LLC project. We manage our time, people and projects by employing experience-tested methods to ensure a job well done.

Countrywide Construction & Design, LLC has the resources and experience to assist our clients through all phases of the construction process, from pre-design planning to post-construction.

With Countrywide, you’ll receive:

  • One-to-one service
  • Honest answers to your questions 
  • Above-standard construction

SERVICES-- Before You Build

Site Evaluation

We will look at your site or sites you are thinking of purchasing online or in person. We can analyze whether the home design you are hoping for will work with the site, we can investigate setbacks or zoning restrictions that may affect your site, and we offer suggestions to maximize and accentuate the features of the site you like best.

Design Services

We offer complete 3-Dimensional design services. We can take your ideas and put them to paper, as well as putting them into a virtual image for you to view.  Whether you are looking for plans from scratch for a new home, or a layout for a remodeling or addition project, we can help. We even offer our design services separate from construction if desired.

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Detailed Estimates

We pride ourselves in dotting our i's and crossing our t's. We cover all areas of your building expenses, from the site work and utilities to the details of construction by us and our sub-contractors. Our estimates and contracts don’t fit on a single sheet of paper, but you should expect details when it comes to your home, and comprehensive estimates are what you should expect from a thorough contractor.

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Zoning and Code Compliance

As licensed general contractors, we ensure that all local and state codes and ordinances are followed. The rules are there for the safety of you and the preservation of the land you live on, neither of which should be compromised. Wisconsin requires that one individual from each builder receives continuing education credits. At Countrywide, all of our key personnel attend ongoing education classes. Building a safer, stronger and more energy efficient home for you is our priority.  

SERVICES--During and After Construction

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Project Management 

Simply put, we keep your project on schedule. As General Contractor, we manage our crews and coordinate/oversee any sub-contractors we contract with for your project. Project Management may not be a physical part of your home, but it is vital to keep you on a time schedule and ensure that everyone involved in the construction works as a team.


Coordination with Lenders

One of our duties as general contractor is to make working with lenders as simple as possible. Once your financing is in place, our experience and reputation with local lenders and title companies makes the financing end of your project one less stress for you.

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Post-Completion Follow-up

After the project is complete and you've settled in, we continue to work with you to make sure there are no loose ends. We provide our homeowners with a "House Manual". This is a large binder containing manufacturer warranties and instructions for any components in the home, as well as contact information for us and any other contractors who worked on your home.

Quality Control

You know quality is important. We take pride in it. The details do matter, and they wouldn't be possible without the basics of straight walls, level floors that don't bounce and solid foundations and support. Any seams where structural members meet should be sealed against air infiltration, and reinforced for strength. These basics may seem obvious, but not all builders put the time into those areas you don't see at first glance.  Some builders do the minimum standards required by codes. Unfortunately, they spend your budget on the interior areas people see. Although an eye-catching interior that welcomes you is important, we put an emphasis on what you may not see, but what makes a solid, energy efficient home that will stand the test of time. Our post construction relationship with our clients is one of friendship and repeat business, not call-backs and repairs.

Questions? Reach Out to Us

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